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Welcome, I'm Tasha.


I’m a second generation, British born, Punjabi girl. I have consciously worked on myself every day for the past two years and started a journey of what I call re-programming, healing & connecting to my soul.

I’m having a lovely time and I feel connected and protected by divine direction but before that, my life’s experiences took me to a really low, lonely and lifeless place. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually I was tested, and it left me exhausted.
I refused to stay there and now I’m being guided to share…

To share my story and lend my voice to help the communities and people with a similar narrative to have an identifiable, relatable and safe space. 

White Rose
White Rose

Nobody Told Me



Apr 15, 2021

Eye am Love, Eye am Faith, Eye am Powerful, Eye am Compassion Eye am gifted with great humour, Eye am beauty, Eye am Light, Eye am Spirit, Eye am Heart, Eye am Soul

What you see in me is a reflection of you, & what I see in you is a reflection of me, so I say this for me but also for you - 

I'd be lying to you if I didn't declare that I am anxiety, I am self doubt & I am insecurities too.

& at one point, I was too frightened to come back and show up in the World.

But I Love Mother Earth, I love her nature, all of her curves and all of her storms, her colours and all the weathers, the waves she carries across her oceans; and no matter what, all around the globe she shows up, carrying that vibration.

She's beautiful, her magnetic aura radiates energetic fields for us to access so we can love, prosper, heal & grow - everything we need is right here for us.

& the life we have, well it's short!

I started to go deeper, heal myself, tapped into the route & I've visited my core. I'm on my own journey & I'm still learning but I'm healing, connecting & accessing source energy. 

Most importantly I’m finding comfort in my own authenticity & I’m happy. Plus I’m a little G ;) & you know what, I'm owning it! 
I have hurt, I have been triggered and I have suffered; but I stayed in my heart centre and I aligned with the power of my soul energy and that gave me love, peace, strength. I found a purpose to get back up and re-build.

I have a divine power within me & so do you.

I'm being vulnerable in sharing all of mine & I’m stepping so far out my comfort zone but if I know it can help & you can heal too, then I'm successful in where I'm being guided to.

You have access to that same intuition, it resides right there inside of you.

My wish is that my story inspires a whole load of you & you start your own journeys of stepping into a higher state of just being YOU.

With the support of the Universal Lord, angels & spirits; I share my deepest writings. I hope this further aides my own healing (because its a constant battle/journey) & my dream for blusabar is that it helps for you to heal your hurt parts too.

“In healing yourself, you become a healer of others. You are healing the Earth. Know that there is no more sacred work than this”




Patience, endurance, tolerance





In 2019, my life drastically changed; I went from mother to be – to a mother who’s grieving her first baby, I went from the ‘title’ of wife to a divorcee & experienced betrayal trauma in its worst form. Totally let down by the people and the culture & traditions that I loved so much. 

In my most difficult days I prayed & I journaled. I’ve been on a journey which has taken me through past trauma wounds, inner child healing, aligning with my soul purpose, meditating on my energy centres, healing ancestral hurt and re-wiring my brain.

It was my faith that gave me the strength to get through the days & the love of God that helped me stay awake.

Meet Natasha.

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